High Performance Vehicles and Transmission Repair

Clutches and Clutch Repair

Transmission repair is all the more necessary for high performance vehicles.  First off though, what is a performance vehicle?

Performance Vehicles and Transmission Repair

transmission repair is necessary for high performance vehicles
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ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA.ORG: A performance car is an automobile that is designed and constructed specifically for speed. The design and construction of a performance car involves not only providing a capable power train but also providing the handling and braking systems to support it.Performance cars are road vehicles, capable of providing transport. Specially designed racing cars are not normally regarded as performance cars, but performance cars are often raced. There is a great deal of overlap between performance cars and sports cars, but not all performance cars are sports cars, and not all sports cars are performance cars. The MG TC, for example, is a prototypical sports car, but even by the standards of its day was unexceptional in its performance. Similarly, some hot rods are performance cars, but many hot rods are either built for show rather than for performance, or are not intended to be roadworthy, or both. Those hot rods that are built for on-road performance tend to emphasise straight line speed and acceleration, and in this they represent one extreme of a continuum of performance cars, the opposite extreme of which is represented by cars that emphasise handling rather than straight line speed, such as the Lotus Elise. [READ MORE]  While most of us can’t even contemplate getting a Lotus Elise, or anything that fancy, there are a few sports cars on the market that are just as high performance like a Dodge Charger, a Toyota 280ZX and so forth, and many of them are available on the resale market.  And they will likely need transmission repair.

Transmission Repair for Your Vehicle

High performance or no, sooner or later, your car will need a repair of some kind.  One of the most complicated ones is a transmission repair.  Why?  Well, if your car is like other vehicles, even a ‘simple’ automatic transmission has dozens of components.

A high performance vehicle is a joy to drive, however, you can make your own car into your own high performance car.
Change your oil periodically, never let your fuel light come on, and if you need it, repair your automatic transmission.

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