Automatic Transmission Repair in Domestic Vehicles

Get your automatic transmission repaired

If you own an automobile made by a US car maker, you’re going to need to fix your automatic transmission sooner or later.  I know what you’re thinking.  In the age of globalization, with US automakers having manufacturing facilities outside of the US, it isn’t as simple as foreign or domestic.  Actually it is.

Automatic Transmission Use in the Americas

Automatic Transmission Repair | (480) 986-7367
Automatic Transmission Repair | (480) 986-7367

It’s funny how much of a cultural thing an automatic transmission is.  Throughout Europe, most vehicles come with stick shifts as a rule, and automatics are rare.  In the Americas however, particularly the US and Canada, it is reversed.  Most people prefer vehicles with automatics as opposed to manuals.  Why?  Well part of it is due to the way that Europe holds on to its traditions.

Europe is often referred to as the Old World, and it is one of the more traditional places on Earth.  A lot of people are simply used to stick shifts and that’s how they were taught to drive, so they stay around.  In the Americas, however, life is a bit more technological and as a result, the automatic transmission has been embraced.  In the US particularly we are a convenience culture, and as such, we want a transmission that we shift once and forget about.    Well that is until our car or truck starts acting up.

Automatic Transmission Repair: It May Be Time

If you need automatic transmission repair, it is a multi-sensory experience.  Transmissions that are going bad emit a particular odor, and they shift roughly.  They also can shimmy or vibrate.  They sometimes can even make grinding noises.  It can even feel like a tire’s going bad.  If you feel that you need to  get your transmission fixed, be aware that not every shop repairs a transmission in house.

A lot of times, they farm out their transmission repair to another shop as they may not have the facilities to fix it.  When you’re looking for transmission repair in Mesa, call in a specialist.

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