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Differential Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367
Differential Repair in Mesa | (480) 986-7367

Differential repair helps you to make the best use of one of your most widely used parts of your car:  your steering wheel.  Steering wheels are nothing new.  Ships have been using them for centuries, and cars for about a century as well.  Most early automobile steering wheels were fairly simple, essentially just metal wheels.  Modern steering wheels however have quite a few controls on them, such as volume controls, a telephone, cruise controls, and even more.  In fact, most automobile steering wheels even have a hidden ejector seat switch for troublesome passengers.  Hah, gotcha! April Fools.  But here are some interesting and true tidbits about steering wheels.

Your Steering Wheel: Connecting Your Differential and You

Where do steering wheels come from, and how are they affected by your differential?  First off, some brief factoids about steering wheels:

  • Curiously enough, the first cars used a tiller and not a steering wheel.  Strange but true.  The first steering wheel was used by Alfred Vacheron in an auto race in 1894.  By 1904, no cars used tillers.
  • In Europe, steering wheels are mounted on the right side of the car, not the left.  Steering wheels started being mounted on the left in some vehicles in 1910.
  • Steering wheels in most passenger cars are adjustable, however, in a lot of race cars they’re custom fitted to the driver.
  • Not all steering wheels are wheels.  Some are butterfly shaped.
  • In a few prototype vehicles, there’s not even a steering wheel, there are just a couple of levers.  Don’t believe us?  Look up the 2012 Honda EV-STER.
  • The number of spokes per a steering wheel range from zero on up.  The 1974 Citroën DS for example, only has one spoke.

Whatever type of steering wheel you have, it ultimately connects to your differential, which makes for smoother turns.

How Can I Tell If I Need Differential Repair?

Know how your car handles.  When you turn, how smooth is it?  If it is sluggish it can be a lot of different things, such as your power steering or wheel alignment.  Or it could be a sign that you need differential repair.

Since 1990, Trail Transmission has been doing differential repair in Mesa.  Call us today.

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