Differentials and What They Do In Your Car

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A differential provides the torque for each driving wheel and allows your wheels to have different speeds. An electronic differential is used in multi-drive systems. The inner and outer wheels rotate at different speeds when turning or cornering, giving a tighter turning radius. A differential does even more than this, however.

An Electronic Differential’s Role in Your Car’s Turning

Differential Repair In Mesa, Arizona | Call Us Today | (480) 986-7367
Differential Repair In Mesa, Arizona | Call Us Today | (480) 986-7367

When you turn your steering wheel, an electronic differential takes both the signal from your steering wheel as well as your motor speed to control the power level to each wheel so that all wheels are supplied with the torque they require. Electric vehicles have allowed new drive train configurations to be invented. Because of the higher power density of electric motors, it’s possible to have multi-drive systems.

With a top level controller that serves the same purpose as a mechanical differential, these multi-drive systems usually have one motor per driving wheel.   What does all of this mean in simple words?

Your Turning Radius and Your Differential

When you have a smaller turning radius, you have greater handling of your vehicle, and as a result, your car corners like “it’s on rails.”  Your car’s differential gives you this ability.  What happens if your differential isn’t working?  How will you even know?

Well, if you have ever driven an older car without power steering, you had to work very hard to turn the wheel.  The same holds true when you have a differential going out or not working correctly.  When that happens, you know what you have to do.  When your differential is not working you will need to think about getting differential repair.

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