Clutches in Manual and Automatic Transmissions

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Most people think that clutch repair is only necessary for  a car with a manual transmission or as it is more commonly known, a stick shift.  However, as this article from How Stuff Works shows, there are other places that clutches pop up…

Types of Clutches

There are many other types of clutches in your car and in your garage.

An automatic transmission for example, contains several clutches. These clutches engage and disengage various sets of planetary gears. Each clutch is put into motion using pressurized hydraulic fluid. When the pressure drops, springs cause the clutch to release. Evenly spaced ridges, called splines, line the inside and outside of the clutch to lock into the gears and the clutch housing. You can read more about these clutches in How Automatic Transmissions Work.

An air conditioning compressor in a car has an electromagnetic clutch. This allows the compressor to shut off even while the engine is running. When current flows through a magnetic coil in the clutch, the clutch engages. As soon as the current stops, such as when you turn off your air conditioning, the clutch disengages.

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As you see, it’s not just your transmission that may have a clutch.  So bear that in mind when you need clutch repair in the future.  If you have any questions about your clutch, you may wish to give us a call.

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