Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems Part III

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Getting your car in and having the fluid checked at a transmission repair shop is a very good idea, particularly if it’s been a while since  you last had it done.  Simply changing transmission fluid can save you a major repair later on.  However, you also need to be aware of how your transmission is behaving when you use it on a daily basis.  One thing as discussed in Part I and  Part II of this series is the fact that sounds are one possible symptom of problems.

Noisy Transmission- You Need Repair

Your car is in neutral, or it’s idling, and it’s making noise. Sometimes, it’s just needing a bit of transmission fluid, however, transmission noise while it’s in neutral or idling could signal something more serious, like parts wearing out that will need to be replaced.  Some common examples include worn bearings or gear teeth or a worn reverse idler gear. If you catch it early, the repair will be fairly easy and straightforward.  If you don’t catch it in time, then the repair will be a bit trickier.  The way your transmission acts can also signify major problems on the horizon.  If your car’s transmission starts to exhibit more physical signs of trouble, that is much more serious.

Transmission Slipping?

Does your transmission ever slip out of gear?  When your transmission is working correctly, your car stays in the gear you shifted to, or that your car’s on board computer designates for a given RPM range, until you or the computer shift gears. If your car goes from drive to neutral on a city street it could be bad enough, but what happens if your car does it on a highway or freeway with traffic behind you?

As you see transmission problems are nothing to sneeze at, so if you are having transmission problems, be smart.  Get your car into a transmission repair shop immediately.

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