Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems Part II

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In part one we covered some sight and smell clues that are warnings you need transmission repair.  Now it’s time to cover the sounds and vibrations which are also red flags as well.

Transmission Noise: Sign of a Transmission Repair

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When you hear a wheezing or whirring sound while your car is idling or in neutral, it is yet another sign of a transmission starting to show wear and tear. If you hear weird noises when the car is shifting, then fairly obviously, the transmission is acting up.  What do you do when you hear such sounds?  First off, don’t panic.  You may not need transmission repair.  Sounds like these, there could be simple and inexpensive solution such as replacing the transmission fluid.

Proactive Transmission Service: Transmission Fluid

Simply changing your transmission fluid sometimes solves the problem. Bear in mind that you must use the right transmission fluid for your vehicle,  as is the case with engine oil.  You don’t put high performance turbo oil in your car if you are just using it for driving around town.  Just as you also don’t use high-tech transmission fluid either.  If you can’t figure out the type of transmission fluid to use, get your car in for transmission service.  Another thing to watch out is the way your automatic transmission ‘feels.’

Transmission Repair and Shifting Issues

If your car starts to lurch when you hit the accelerator, it may be a sign of transmission issues as well.  Remarkably, even with this problem, sometimes a bit of transmission fluid can help to rectify the problem.  Be careful not to rely on transmission fluid for everything, however.  Some problems can’t be solved by merely pouring some fluid down a funnel.  If the problem persists, be sure to get it into a shop quickly.  Otherwise, what could have been fixed for a very small price, could end up being a major transmission repair. 

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