Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems Part I

symptoms of transmission problems

symptoms of transmission problemsTransmission service is necessary for a part of our lives: our cars.  America is a car culture.  Our cities are designed around our love for our vehicles.  We turn up the radio, fasten our seat belts and hit the open road.  However, our vehicles are complex pieces of machinery, and like all complex things, they can start to show signs of potential trouble down the pike. Diagnosing car issues may seem tricky, however, you are subconsciously aware of problems all the time and aren’t even aware of it. It’s important to take acting the moment  you start noticing something out of the ordinary.

Does Your Transmission Stink?

Transmission problems usually have distinctive sounds, smells, and sensations that are  red flags that something isn’t functioning correctly.  First off, use your nose.  You can definitely tell by the smell.  A hot transmission has a distinctive smell, much like a candle that’s been blown  out. If you get a whiff of burning transmission fluid, it may indicate an overheating transmission. This is usually due low or insufficient transmission fluid, or that there is a leak.  Sometimes, you may have dirty transmission fluid that needs changing.  Transmission fluid keeps all moving parts properly lubricated, and it also prevents the unit from burning out, by providing much-needed cooling. In fact, some newer vehicles have their own mini-radiator that disperses heat away from the transmission itself.

Symptoms of Transmission Troubles To Come

The first thing you want to look for are transmission leaks.  Pull your car out of the driveway or the garage and look for any stains on the pavement.  Transmission fluid is pink colored and watery.  It will most likely form a puddle around the center of your car. Leaking transmission fluid is a clear sign that you may have a seal going bad, or there is a leak somewhere.  If you have a leak, get your car into a transmission repair shop as soon as possible. Part two of this article will explore the sensations that a faulty transmission can give off.

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Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems Part I

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