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Do It Yourself Transmission Repair: Why You’re Better Off Going to a Shop (Conclusion)

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

A transmission repair shop in Mesa can save you both money and time.

Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 447-2727

Transmission Repair in Mesa | (480) 447-2727

Transmission Repair in Mesa: Why You Need It

As we covered previously, another great reason on why you should go to a shop is because usually, they often offer a warranty on the parts and labor.

Taking your vehicle to a specialist also saves you more time compared to trying to fix it yourself. Most repair can be done rather quickly and let you get on your way. Often busy people don’t have the time to sit around and fiddle with a transmission because transmission repair can be a slow process if you try to do it on your own. As we mentioned before, some transmission problems can be fixed on your own but when you aren’t sure of what you are supposed to do, it’s time to call your transmission repair shop.

Expert Transmission Diagnostics

If you can find no problems, the problem is probably deeper and more severe. You can’t know what is wrong with a transmission properly without taking it apart. New technology has changed automotive repair because of the new technology that cars are using. Anything technology related should be looked at by a trained mechanic as it is out of anyone’s normal repair range, yes, even the people who build their own cars. Technology can be both a pain and a blessing simultaneously. Unfortunately, most technological parts must be ordered and can delay getting a repair done.

As cars continue to rapidly evolve with the latest in technology and features, trained mechanics are trained to keep up with the latest models and parts as well as trends that affect their customers the most. A few years ago, there were certain engine parts that were hard to find. Now, you can simply look them up on the Internet and have them mailed to you If you need apart, and you know that you are well versed in car mechanics yourself, search online first and afterward take the product to the transmission shop. Then, you know you got a reliable job done because the mechanic can fix your transmission correctly with the parts that are best.

So remember, there is a sort of critical mass to do it yourself auto repair.  Replacing a battery?  No problem.  It’s fairly easy.  Putting air in your tire?  Also something you can handle on your own.  But do it yourself transmission repair should never be tried.


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Reasons to Get a Transmission Diagnostic Part 1

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Part one of a series on transmission diagnostics explores reasons why this should be part of your regular service visit.

Get a Transmission Diagnostic Today

You should get a transmission diagnostic done.  Oh, we know what you’re thinking.  It is a good idea, sure, but isn’t it just money wasted.  Think about it for a second.  Sure you have to pay for a transmission diagnostic. But it’s cheaper than you might think, particularly in light of your alternatives.

In our last article, we covered a common question: how much is transmission repair?  Well it is all relative.  When you look at the cost of either rebuilding a transmission, or repairing one, and compare it to the cost of a simple transmission diagnostic, you can see you’re getting a bargain.  All the more so when you consider how important your car is in your daily lives.

Transmission Service and Your Car

Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Service  In Mesa | (480) 447-2727

Call Trail Transmission for Transmission Service In Mesa | (480) 447-2727

A lot depends on your car, and as a result you want to be taking  good care of it.  Transmission service is just one of those things you have to do to keep something very useful.  Most people don’t know what they’ve got until it is gone.  Your car is more than just tires and a steering wheel.  It is your independence.   Have to pick up your kids from school?  No problem, you’ve got a car.  Need to buy some groceries or run some errands?  That’s all too easy when you have a means of transportation.  But when your car is down, what is an easy task taking very little time becomes a nightmare spanning hours.

In many cities across the US, having a car is more of a liability and less of an asset, however, that’s not the case in Phoenix.  Bus service is spotty, with big chunks of the southeast valley having little to no bus service.  And in case you haven’t noticed, it is hot in Arizona.  Do you really want to wait for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half for the next bus to come or would you rather get in your car or truck and go where you will, when you will?

Having a car is a privilege.  It allows you to get around and makes life easier.  So take care of your car.  Get it in for transmission service today.


This concludes part one of our series.  For more information on transmission diagnostics and service, be sure to read part two as well.


Trail Transmission
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Apache Junction, AZ 85120-3529
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